Emanuel's Gift & Memorial Brochure

Emanuel's Constitution & Bylaws (approved on 06-16-2014)

With the adoption of the revised Emanuel Constitution & Bylaws on June 16, 2014, it is necessary to implement a new registry of signatures for the voting members of Emanuel Lutheran Church.  By signing the registry, each voting member is signifying that they are in agreement with the newly adopted constitution & bylaws.  The registry will be available at each Voters' Meeting and is also available in the Emanuel office during the week.  To view the most recent copy of the Constitution Registry with signatures, please click on the below link.

Constitution Registry Signatures as of 12-09-2015


Coordinating Council Agendas & Minutes

2016-07-11 CC Meeting Minutes - Approved
2016-08-08 Meeting Minutes - Approved
2016-09-12 CC Meeting Minutes - Approved
2016-10-10 CC Minutes - Approved
2016-11-02 CC Minutes - Approved
2016-11-14 Meeting Minutes - Approved
2017-01-09 CC Meeting Minutes - Approved
2016-12-31 Emanuel Fund Overview
2016-12-31 Emanuel Fund Details
2017-01-31 Check Listing
2017-02-13 CC Agenda & Packet
2017-02-13 CC Meeting Minutes - Approved
2017-03-20 CC Meeting Minutes - to be Approved
2017-02-28 Check Listing
2017-03-31 Check Listing for March
2017-04-10 CC Agenda & Packet

Congregational Voters' Meeting Agendas & Minutes

2016-10-16 Voters' Meeting Minutes - Approved
2017-01-15 Voters' Meeting Agenda & Packet
2017-01-15 Voters' Meeting Minutes - Approved
2017-04-23 Voters' Meeting Agenda