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A Letter For Sunday School Parents

My name is Andy Backus. I manage our Sunday School and I would like to tell you about myself and our program.

I’m a dad. I love my children very much and I want the best for them. As I look out at the world they are growing up in, I am so blessed to know that our God is watching over them with his perfect love (unlike mine) and ultimate power (again, unlike mine). When this brief world ends he has a place prepared in heaven for all of us.

I know about God’s love because in the Bible he shares how he sent his son, Jesus, to rescue us from sin and death by taking it on himself at the cross. Chris Driesbach sings about it like this in his song For His Friends:

Maybe someone would give up their life for a friend, kind and pure.
But do you know even one who would do it for you? How could you be sure?
If you don’t think that you have such a friend well, actually—you do!
Way before you were even born, Jesus gave his life for you.
Jesus gave his life away for his friends—and I’m his friend.
Jesus gave his life away just so mine would never end.






How about you? Are you looking for encouragement? Would you like your children to know and grow in this love? It is God’s free gift. And it’s the reason I enjoy working with our teachers and children at Sunday School. The purpose of Emanuel Sunday School is to assist parents in teaching their children about Jesus, so they can face this world as Christian adults and live forever with him in heaven.

If you have any questions about Sunday School or parenting questions in general, please feel free to call me at 728-4846. It is my privilege to serve you and I know I speak for the other volunteer teachers when I say we love this opportunity to teach your child about Jesus every week!

God bless your family!
Andy Backus

Sunday School Manager