Seasons and Life...Mr. Brian Kerbs, Staff Minister Intern

Brian Kerbs - Staff Minister Intern

Brian Kerbs - Staff Minister Intern

I don’t know about you and where you grew up, but while I was growing up (in Idaho) I looked forward to the seasonal changes in the weather. There was always a definite “break” between each of the four seasons. It allowed me to pass the time by enjoying each season while looking forward to the next season on the calendar. Now that we live in Wisconsin we tend to skip some of the seasons by going back and forth repeatedly between winter and summer (winter season and construction season). Even with these “seasonal gaps” we can be assured that our heavenly Father provides for us in every imaginable way. He looks after the weather, animals, crops, his children, and all that is his.

There are so many situations that we look at and wonder to ourselves if God is still here, or if he truly cares for us. For me the obvious changes we should be able to visualize while we are outside, where weather is concerned, can provide us with fresh perspectives about life and what is really important. When the start of each season begins to appear I enjoy taking note of the changes that happen that show me his awesomeness. Every day we should wake up, look outside regardless of the weather and know that God has our back.

We also have numerous opportunities of going to God for guidance and peace. No matter what we are going through we can go to him in prayer and into his Word for strength. My fondest memories have been those times when I’ve experienced God’s peace by recreating in the great outdoors.  We really do not have to focus too much on what is around us to realize how awesome God is, and the importance of our role in his creation.

I challenge you every day to find something new outside that will remind you of our Creator. I also challenge you to strive to grow in your spiritual maturity by making your relationship with your heavenly Father the number one priority in your life. If you ever need help with this please do not hesitate to speak with one of our staff here at Emanuel. Make the most of each season regardless of their number be an encouragement to you especially you experience challengesJ May you always experience God’s love in your lives.