Q: What does my child need? Part 2

In my previous blog I talked about Jesus being the one thing needed.  (Luke 10:42)  When I have Jesus, I have forgiveness, salvation, hope, a future, protection, assurance, comfort, and all the rest.  In Christ, we have it all and nothing more is needed.  Ultimately, the love my child needs is perfectly shown and given in Christ. 


So how can I model that love of Jesus and let it flow through me to my child?  Well, let’s look at Jesus’ love for us for a moment.  Jesus’ love does not depend one bit upon me.  It doesn’t ebb or flow based upon whether I am good or bad, it doesn’t rise or fall with my feelings or emotions; rather it is unconditional, undeserved, and unending. 


Can we show that kind of love to our children?  We definitely won’t be perfect at it.  We will fail and let our sinful, selfish thoughts and attitudes get in the way.  But when this happens, go back to the love of Jesus that is always there for you.  In Christ, be restored and renewed and filled with his love, and then share that love with your child.  And most of all point them daily to the love that Jesus has for them that never changes or fails.