What does my child need? Part 4

Q: What does my child need?

A: My child needs hope!

Hebrews 11:1 – “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

In my previous blogs I talked about the top needs of every child (and every adult for that matter).  Number one, I need Jesus.  Without Jesus everything else is meaningless and temporary, I am lost and nothing else matters.  

Number two, I need love.  In Christ, I have perfect love.  Love that is unconditional and unshakable.  As a parent, it’s Christ love we draw on to know and to show love to our children.

Number three, I need peace. In Christ I have lasting peace which the circumstances of today can never take away.

For this last addition in, “What does my child need?”, I’m going to write about hope.

Every parent has hopes for their child.  I hope they are happy; I hope they are healthy; I hope they make friends; I hope they are successful.  These are all natural things for us to hope for, but we all know that things don’t always turn out as we hope.  We are living in a sinful world and we have in us a sinful nature, and so even the most joyous things in this world fade and sour.

The Bible uses the word hope 180 times.  The hope God’s Word holds out is not a temporary, wishy-washy, pie in the sky platitude; rather, it’s a rock solid, take it to the bank guarantee.  The hope that Christ gives is the message that this world is not all there is.  There is something waiting that is greater by far.  And the one who knows you by name, the one that created you and knows completely and intimately what will fulfill all your needs and longings, the one that gave his life for you, has said that He has a place prepared for you.  

Yes, there will be difficult times.  Indeed, Christ tells us this will be so and encourages us to carry the cross.  But we know the end of the story.  We know how it all turns out.  Cling to this hope, and point your children to it each day.