Our Changing World

Perhaps it is one of the dangers of the job, as they say, but I have to admit that I love gadgets. Being immersed in the world of technology, one discovers no shortage of shiny new ingenious tools that come out on a daily basis. I tell myself that in order to be well informed and knowledgeable, I really need to use cutting edge equipment. I’m told in some circles, that kind of reasoning would be called rationalization.


If you are into the world of mobile technology, the shear volume of new and intriguing apps that come out routinely, is staggering. Where will I have the time to investigate them all and see what’s good for learning in the classroom? Should I take the time to learn how to set my thermostat to be able to be programmed by my phone. (It is really great to turn the heat back up before getting home from a trip, by the way.)


We all know that when you buy the latest and greatest phone, the next generation is already in the creation stage and promotion for it won’t be far away. And, oh, by the way, think about the evolution of the family TV set in the last five years.


Yes, change is the basis of technology. Change is constant and rapid, and one might struggle to keep up and stay afloat in that kind of world. It’s can be a bit unsettling at times, if you feel you must keep up.


No matter what it is in this life that causes you to feel the weight of change, whether it be technology’s speed, the condition of your health and well being, unexpected relationship or financial change, it is comforting to know that we can turn to our source of peace for assurance and stability in the midst of change. In Hebrews 3:18 we are reminded that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is the one and only true source of stability for us as we travel through this thing called life. He promises to be there for us always and to provide all that we need, even in times of change and confusion. Look to the cross, you will find him there waiting to comfort you and give you peace.