2014 WELS International Youth Rally


Our Synod just held it’s bi-annual International Youth Rally at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, from June 25th through the 29th.  We had 20 Emanuel youth and 5 adult leaders participate, along with nearly 2000 other youth and leaders from around the country! It was another amazing rally with some incredible experiences and a great time for all who went. We were blessed with great speakers and music to help us praise the Lord, some fun entertainment and events, and God graced us with good weather and happy hearts!

Some of the comments from youth included the following quotes:

“The Youth rally is an experience I will always remember. You have a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. I loved having the chance to grow closer to my fellow rallyers. They treat you with awesome food and a wonderful time. I hope anyone who has a chance will take this opportunity to show their faith and have fun.”    

“At the Rally this year, we had lots of fun. We learned not to be afraid of sharing the gospel with others, because God will take care of us.”

“The devotions and classes I attended explained how to live a pure life using Jesus as m role model and they also showed how to stop fearing the future by realizing that God will always take care of me. In our free time, our group went swimming, hung out in the dorms, and even played catch on the Tennessee football field. We went through a bouncy house obstacle course at night and enjoyed multiple meals at the cafeteria.”

“The Youth Rally was really fun, and I’m happy that I was able to attend.”

“My experience that I have had in this year’s youth rally and in past years was very enjoyable and eye opening. There are always problems and stress in people’s lives everyday and it was really nice to be able to take a couple days and forget the problems of this world and just focus on Christ with two thousand other people my age who share the same faith I do.”

“One of the things that makes the youth rally a life changing experience is the Christian fellowship that you get everywhere you go.”

“For our devotions in the morning, all two thousand of us or so would sit in the Tennessee basketball arena and hear the sermons of amazing pastors who had some amazing words to say. I would look up around me sometimes and see everybody in the stands, all two thousand of them in fellowship together, led by a very gifted band, Koine.”

“The youth rally is an amazing place where one can enjoy Christian fellowship and a unique experience. I would very much encourage others to go in the future and highly recommend it only if they want to have a good time.”