A New School Year - A New Beginning

I pray that you and your family are having an enjoyable summer.  As a school principal, summer break is akin to New Years.  It promises a fresh start and offers a chance for personal and professional reflection before the business of a school year starts up again.  It’s good to take time to reflect; to think about what is truly important and matters.  Thanks be to God that he gives us the answers to these questions.  God let’s us know that we matter to Him, that He has a plan for each of us, that we are called upon to use this time of grace to His glory, and that He has an eternal future waiting for us that makes the problems and hardships of this world light and momentary. It won’t be long before summer break comes to a close and schools across the country are opening their doors for a new school year.  Use the start of a new school year as a start of a new beginning -- A renewal of your commitment to God and His Word.  As Pastor Schulz likes to say, “Our God is a God of fresh starts.”  Each and every day is a new day of God’s grace and forgiveness.