Welcome to the Emanuel Lutheran website!  May God richly bless you through what you see and hear on our website!

The real treasure of our church is the good news we share from the Bible.This good news focuses on Jesus Christ and the wonderful blessings hebrings to our lives. 

The pastors of Emanuel invite you to come and visit us to learn more about the blessings Jesus offers you!  Those blessings include:

  • Learning what Jesus Christ did to remove our sin and guilt so that we can enjoy a right standing with God.

  • Enjoying new life in Christ as a dearly loved member of God’s family.

  • Receiving power and encouragement for Christian living by reading andstudying the Bible in worship services and Bible Classes.

  • Finding comfort in trouble and hope for the future by growing in your certainty of God’s love and promises.

If you have questions about our church or teachings from the Bible, please call us at (920) 982-5444. The Emanuel pastors are happy to meet with you personally.  We are eager to share Jesus, our greatest treasure, with you! 

God’s Blessings!