At Emanuel we want to connect all people with the living God. From our worship and Bible studies to our elementary school, Emanuel is a place where your whole family can discover and grow in the living God. At Emanuel you will learn how much God loves you and cares about your life. God's Son, Jesus, laid down his life to give us life - eternal life waiting for us in heaven and abundant life right here on earth. We would love to help you discover the living and loving God at Emanuel. Please watch our Welcome Video.

I Was Just Thinking......

Thoughts of life and faith by our leadership

                    Pastor William Heiges

                    Pastor William Heiges

I Was Just Thinking

Why do so many people love to complain? It almost seems like second nature to us. Our first response to something new or different is to complain about it. And we love to share our complaints with others. We look to gather our own tribe of like-minded complainers.

Children (and parents) complain about memory work and homework. We complain about our food, our work, our partner and other people. And there are many people who like to complain about their church or their pastors or leaders or the other people who work in the church. Sometimes we complain because we simply do not like someone. Sometimes we complain because we don’t like something new or different. It forces us to think differently. It forces us to change. While not all change is good, sometimes change makes us learn and grow. For example some people do not like a more contemporary style of worship service. They want worship to stay the same, the way it always has been. Sometimes we complain when we are inconvenienced. We do like it when life goes our way.   more

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