At Emanuel we want to connect all people with the living God. From our worship and Bible studies to our elementary school, Emanuel is a place where your whole family can discover and grow in the living God. At Emanuel you will learn how much God loves you and cares about your life. God's Son, Jesus, laid down his life to give us life - eternal life waiting for us in heaven and abundant life right here on earth. We would love to help you discover the living and loving God at Emanuel. Please watch our Welcome Video.


I Was Just Thinking......

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I Was Just Thinking

 There are people who study generations and note the differences between them. There was the Builder Generation. They were born after World War I and served either overseas or at home during World War II. They were called the Builder Generation because they came home from the War and rebuilt America. They were loyal, patriotic, hard-working. They were the parents of the next generation, the Baby Boomers (1946-1964). They were followed by Generation X (1965-1980), sometimes called the Baby Busters, MTV Generation, or the Boomerang Generation. They were followed by Generation Y (1980-2000), also known at the Millenials. Generation Z (2000-present) is called the New Silent Generation.   more...

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